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HongRi peanut oil refining equipment before we have explained, peanut oil refining equipment is now relatively good oil refining equipment, refining equipment is in line with the relatively good oil industry today. We often encounter a product has many models in life, features of different types of their different peanut oil so today we are going to explain the refining equipment is the same, different flower oil refining equipment operation is different, what are the different today, peanut oil refining equipment manufacturers for you to explain in detail the operation process of peanut oil refining equipment:

The peanut oil is pumped into the oil pan for degumming and neutralizing. When the oil and soap were separated, rapidly sinking, stop stirring, standing, and then suck the upper oil to the washing tank. The soap feet are discharged from the bottom empty pipe to the soap foot barrel, and the refined peanut oil equipment is stopped. When the soap feet contain more oil, stop the soap feet, the peanut oil production equipment and the soap feet are pumped into the soap feet tank by the pump. The remaining oil in the oil tank goes on in the next tank. Oil washing in the tank to transfer oil tank adsorption decolorization. The decolorization oil pump to filter filter, and then transferred to the polishing filter is further filtered through the cooler cooling after entering oil decolorization irrigation. Oil tank cleaning by decolorization by the heat exchange tank sucked into the pot for deodorization deodorization, deodorization in 3 - 5 Torr residual pressure under the condition of the deodorized oil into the heat exchange tank, after the release of peanut oil, equipment prices, the next pot of oil decolorization by the heat exchange tank suction deodorizing pot, enter the next round of deodorization. After heat exchange, the deodorizing oil in the heat exchange tank is cooled by cold water. The peanut oil is pumped out for polishing and filtering and then into the finished oil tank.

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Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd1. gauge pressure is not maintained, decreased rapidly because of the safety valve is not sealed; the import of oil plug valve and ball contact; the oil pipe joint and the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder into the oil plug hole is not tightened; the three oil return valve and ball contact bad. Corresponding measures are as follows: grinding the safety valve to seal; the grinding out of the oil valve to seal the tubing connector and the screw; hydraulic cylinder plug; the grinding oil return valve. 2, the reason for the top of the rocker is: (1) the oil valve is in bad contact with the steel ball; and the spring head is out of the ball. The corresponding elimination methods are: (1) grinding out the oil valve, replacing the new steel ball, and enlarging the spring head. 3, the reasons are: (1) the temperature of oil evaporation is not suitable, the material temperature is too low, the moisture content of cake is too high, and the thickness of cake is uneven. The corresponding elimination methods are as follows: (1) adopt proper steaming direction to raise the material temperature to more than 85 degrees, and the water content is less than 7%. Second, when making the cake, we should pay attention to the even thickness of the cake.

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