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  • how air, water, and plastic pollution affect the economy

    How Air, Water, and Plastic Pollution Affect the Economy

    The plastic industry produces 400 million tons of plastic a year. Plastic is popular because it is flexible, lightweight, and sustainable. But 8 million tons ends up as waste. Only 9% gets recycled. Of the plastic that goes into the oceans, only 1% stays on the surface. The rest sinks to the ocean floor.

  • the economic effect of plastic bag bans | plasticstoday

    The economic effect of plastic bag bans | PlasticsToday

    Plastic bags litter our environment, waste our diminishing oil supply, and harm marine life. The average household uses 1000 disposable bags per year. Clearly, it is time to make a change. What are the bags made out of? Recycled polypropylene. Read part 1 of PlasticsTodays comprehensive plastic bag ban report.

  • creating a circular economy for plastics » sustainability

    Creating a Circular Economy for Plastics » SustainAbility

    A circular economy for plastics offers a promising vision for stemming the tide of plastic waste, but converting this aspiration into a fully functioning, closed-loop system will require greater cooperation from all key actors in the value chain.

  • plastics in a circular economy: opportunities and challenges

    Plastics in a circular economy: Opportunities and challenges

    In 2015, the Commission identified plastics as one of the priority areas of the circular economy action plan, proposed new reuse and recycling targets for plastic packaging waste and pledged to adopt a strategy on plastics in the circular economy by the end of 2017. A circular economy implies reducing waste to a minimum.

  • plastic packaging in a circular economy - food safety magazine

    Plastic Packaging in a Circular Economy - Food Safety Magazine

    Additional actions that the EC plans on taking to improve the economics of plastics recycling are to work with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and industry to develop quality standards for sorted plastic waste and recycled plastics, and possibly implement economic incentives to reward the use of recycled content in the

  • 5 innovations that could end plastic waste | greenbiz

    5 innovations that could end plastic waste | GreenBiz

    Waste plastic bottles and other types of plastic waste at the waste disposal site in Thilafushi, part of the Maldives. Theres no love lost for plastic packaging. Whether its complicated recycling instructions on the products we buy, startling images of the impacts on wildlife or simply the economic value lost through waste, plastics have been

  • improving plastics management: trends, policy  - hroilmaker

    Improving Plastics Management: Trends, policy - hroilmaker

    The statistical data for Israel are supplied by and under the . recycling rates, would allow waste plastics to be captured before they begin creating problems in

  • closed loop unveils new report on circular supply chains for

    Closed Loop Unveils New Report on Circular Supply Chains for

    Apr 12, 2019 investors and brands have to accelerate solutions to repurpose plastics waste. New Report: Accelerating Circular Supply Chains for Plastics into materials that can continue to flow through the economy.

  • the plastic industrys fight to keep polluting the world - the intercept

    The Plastic Industrys Fight to Keep Polluting the World - The Intercept

    Jul 20, 2019 Recycled plastics — once seen as a sign of environmental virtue — is supplies, “is restricted in drinking water, but not in electrical waste.

  • plastics recycling: challenges and opportunities - ncbi

    Plastics recycling: challenges and opportunities - NCBI

    These are the price of the recycled polymer quantity and quality of supply compared with virgin plastics.

  • new plastics economy global commitment


    a common vision and targets to address plastic waste and pollution at its source. either non recyclable, non compostable packaging supplied to us by our.

  • a circular solution to plastic waste - bcg

    A Circular Solution to Plastic Waste - BCG

    Jul 15, 2019 Theres Too Much Plastic Waste—and Too Few Solutions | Infographic Brendan Edgerton, director circular economy, WBCSD . In Singapore, the market offers an ample supply of mixed-plastic feedstock, but the high cost

  • faqs on plastics - our world in data

    FAQs on Plastics - Our World in Data

    Sep 2, 2018 What are the environmental impacts of incineration? Overall, its generally the case that plastic waste per person is highest in high-income countries. .. non- recyclable plastics can lead to contamination of the supply.

  • the 5 things you need to know about chemical recycling | greenbiz

    The 5 things you need to know about chemical recycling | GreenBiz

    Apr 15, 2019 Last week, the Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners Plastics Economy Global Commitment and Alliance to End Plastic Waste That means plastics supply chains will need to shift from lines to loops.

  • designing business solutions for plastic waste management  - mdpi

    Designing Business Solutions for Plastic Waste Management - MDPI

    May 21, 2018 the linear deficiencies of the plastic waste management system and the idea of affordable green fuel whose supply is assured and constant.

  • pollution: facts, causes, effects on economy - the balance

    Pollution: Facts, Causes, Effects on Economy - The Balance

    It causes health problems, costing the economy hundreds of billions of dollars. A growing problem is plastic pollution, which is damaging our food supply. . If the plastic waste problem can be solved, plastic would be a superior form of