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Patent Design Biodiesel Machine For Processing Cottonseed Oil To Biodiesel


  • us20060260184a1 - apparatus and process for the refinement of

    US20060260184A1 - Apparatus and process for the refinement of

    Suitable triglycerides 32 are derived from both plant and animal sources, including canola oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, coconut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, mustard oil, used cooking oils, float grease from wastewater treatment plants, beef tallow and pork lard, soapstock, crude oils, and so-called “yellow grease”, which is animal or vegetable fats derived from the preparation of food. In preferred embodiments, the triglyceride is a vegetable oil, such as canola or soybean

  • simple biodiesel production device - google patents

    Simple biodiesel production device - Google Patents

    The design for the function of the UK patent is considerably different to the longer clear conduit incorporated with the closed vessel that comprises the biodiesel processor, the primary purpose of which is to allow for more precise division of the layers.

  • (doc) cottonseed oil for the production of biodiesel | musa

    (DOC) Cottonseed oil for the production of biodiesel | Musa

    PRODUCTION OF BIODIESEL FROM COTTONSEED OIL BY MUSA, I A Year 2004 i ABSTRACT A pilot plant was designed and constructed for the production of twenty (20) litres of biodiesel per batch from cottonseed oil. SUPER PRO design software was used to design the transesterification reactor, mixer and heat exchanger.

  • us patent for methods and systems for alkyl ester production

    US Patent for Methods and systems for alkyl ester production

    For the biodiesel production, the reactor/separator(s) can be placed in a series, one after the other. In between each vessel, a mixture and reactant addition port can be placed to allow for a stage wise reaction/separation process that can be optimized to maximize biodiesel production and separation efficiencies at the same time.

  • waste vegetable oil making biodiesel technology_presse à

    Waste Vegetable Oil Making Biodiesel Technology_Presse à

    Waste vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil are applicable for above biodiesel processing. Advantages of waste vegetable oil making biodiesel: This is a type of supercritical state biodiesel making method with easy operation process.

  • purification of crude biodiesel using dry washing and

    Purification of crude biodiesel using dry washing and

    Dry washing is another most regularly used technology in the dynamics of biodiesel purification process. This process is achieved via application of adsorbents such as Amberlite, purolite, cellulosics, Magnesol, Trisyl, activated carbon, activated fiber, and activated clay.

  • biodiesel - hroilmaker

    Biodiesel - hroilmaker

    Biodiesel mainly animal and vegetable fats and oils, is now the most studied vegetable fats, vegetable fats soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil-based. Currently biodiesel is mainly used to produce chemical and ester method, which uses a chemical method and other animal or vegetable fats and oils with lower alcohols methanol esterification

  • waste tire extracting biodiesel technology equipment

    Waste Tire Extracting Biodiesel Technology Equipment

    Waste tire making biodiesel machine provides the most efficient biodiesel oil pyrolysis from waste tire, waste plastic and waste rubbers. The advanced designed biodiesel plant ensures high quality diesel and gasoline clear with national standard, fulfilling using for motor vehicle.

  • non-acid biodiesel equipment - hroilmaker

    Non-acid Biodiesel Equipment - hroilmaker

    Non-acid method Biodiesel Preparation Project introduction: In order to reduce the biodiesel production process acid residue and sodium waste,, the company technical staff and experts conduct a long-term domestic oil research trials and developed a new biodiesel preparation process - Biodiesel non- acid-catalyzed production technology.

  • non-acid biodiesel equipment - hroilmaker

    Non-acid Biodiesel Equipment - hroilmaker

    Waste tire pyrolysis equipment Urban food waste oil treatment equipment Waste oil refining equipment for biodiesel/ diesel oil mineral diesel bleaching machine Lignite wax extraction equipment Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Equipment Rice Bran Polysaccharide Extraction Equipment Starch Sugar Production Line Non-acid Biodiesel Equipment; Boiler

  • biodiesel production from palm oil, its by-products, and mill  - mdpi

    Biodiesel Production from Palm Oil, Its By-Products, and Mill - MDPI

    Aug 16, 2018 Palm oil is known as an excellent raw material because biodiesel has similar .. the processing economic feasibility and selling price of biodiesel. . Cotton seed oil increased for candle-making and as a lubricant for machines [105,107] or blended palm-biodiesel although the engines are designed for.

  • biofuels - clemson university

    Biofuels - Clemson University

    patented diesel engine in 1892 (Berlin,. Germany) with Biodiesel versus Petroleum Diesel Fuel Oil or Fat. ✓Soy. ✓Canola. ✓Cottonseed. ✓Poultry Fat. ✓Beef Tallow . high volatility, hexane does not remain in the finished oil after processing. . Biodiesel Process Design Georgia-based canola oil processor , and.

  • algae and biodiesel: patenting energized as green goes

    Algae and Biodiesel: Patenting energized as green goes

    Sep 14, 2010 biofuel algae patent biodiesel intellectual property green energy Biodiesel is most commonly produced from soybean oil in USA, and rapeseed oil in Europe. (Diesel Tree), Cottonseed, Cumaru, Dammar, Fungi, Hemp, Honge, algae, coupled with advances in algal lipid extraction and processing, are

  • wo2005037969a2 - purification of biodiesel with adsorbent

    WO2005037969A2 - Purification of biodiesel with adsorbent

    A method of purifying a biodiesel fuel by ing the biodiesel fuel with at least Info: Patent citations (22); Non-patent citations (1); Cited by (59); Legal oil, palm oil, coconut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, mustard oil, used cooking oils, emulsification of the water and methyl ester, which is a common processing problem.

  • biodiesel handling and use guide (fifth edition) - alternative fuels

    Biodiesel Handling and Use Guide (Fifth Edition) - Alternative Fuels

    Nov 5, 2016 How is Biodiesel Different than Renewable Diesel? .. soybean oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil, corn oil); recycled cooking greases or oils (hroilmaker.,

  • business management for biodiesel producers - alternative fuels

    Business Management for Biodiesel Producers - Alternative Fuels

    Available for a processing fee to hroilmaker. Department of Energy . Europe, most biodiesel is made from rapeseed oil and methanol and it is known as Cottonseed petroleum marketing system, and used in engines designed to operate on patents, sales permits, labor laws, and copyrights so your business can continue

  • an overview of biofuel as a renewable energy source

    An Overview of Biofuel as a Renewable Energy Source

    from Rudolf Diesel) refers to a diesel-equivalent, a processed fuel derived from a Safflower, Sunflower, Soya bean, Palm, Coconut, Corn, Cottonseed biodiesel feedstock comes from plant oils like rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, palm On the contrary, to date, there is no modified vehicle patent that runs on biodiesel.

  • two advances in biodiesel technology - aocs

    Two advances in biodiesel technology - AOCS

    Enzyme-catalyzed biodiesel made from low-quality oils The new lipase technology enables the processing of oil feedstocks with any concentration took place at Novozymes laboratories in 2006 and resulted in the first patent filings. . The fixed-bed reactor design and our new catalyst were at the heart of this approach.

  • wo2008130974a2 - system and process for producing biodiesel

    WO2008130974A2 - System and process for producing biodiesel

    Info: Patent citations (105); Cited by (67); Legal events; Similar documents; Priority and [0006] Biodiesel is a diesel-equivalent, processed fuel comprising alkyl .. A biodiesel production facility may be designed to accommodate a variety of oil mustard, nasturtium seed, hemp, castor, coconut, corn, cottonseed , false flax,

  • enzymatic production of biodiesel from cotton seed oil  - citeseerx

    Enzymatic production of biodiesel from cotton seed oil - CiteSeerX

    The enzymatic production of biodiesel by methanolysis of cottonseed oil was studied using biodiesel in Argentina, cotton seed oil must be considered.