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Newest Tech Crude Oil Sludge Refining Plant With Patent


  • wo2013157921a1 - oil recovery from oil sludge with

    WO2013157921A1 - Oil recovery from oil sludge with

    Still another object of the present invention is to offer a method to substantially clean crude oil contaminated soil with ease. The contaminated soil may be resulted from accidental oil spillage. Further object of the present invention is to disclose a method for cleaning sludge, especially crude oil sludge, deposited in a storage tank.

  • doing waste crude oil refining plant increased processing

    DOING waste crude oil refining plant Increased Processing

    That is because DOING waste crude oil refining plant has the revolutionary changes on the design of distillation reactor and the heating method. New Tech DOING waste crude oil refining plant adopts vertical design distillation reactor and indirect heating by heating oil boiler, rather than the traditional horizontal design distillation reactor

  • crude oil refinery - hroilmaker

    Crude Oil Refinery - hroilmaker

    Oil Refinery Plant. First Grade Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment Rice Bran Oil Molecular Distillation and Refining Equipment Microbial Oil Refining Machinery Strong-flavor Oil Refining Plant Small-sized Oil Refinery Machinery Animal Oil Melt and Refining Equipment DHA Algae Oil Refinery Plant Small-scale Laboratory Oil Refining Machinery Fully

  • patents assigned to serv-tech, inc. - justia patents search

    Patents Assigned to Serv-Tech, Inc. - Justia Patents Search

    Patents Assigned to Serv-Tech, Inc. tanks of the type used for storing large volumes of crude oil wherein hydrocarbon sludge accumulates with the passage of time

  • oil sludge refining machine - hroilmaker

    Oil Sludge Refining Machine - hroilmaker

    Oil Sludge Refining Machine Oil Sludge mainly comes from crude oil extraction, transportation of oil in oil field, refinery sewage treatment plant and oil used during iron and steel smelting. Since there is large quantity of oil sludge, if we just leave it on the ground without treatment, it will not only occupy cultivated land, but also

  • the advantage of palm oil physical refinery technology_tech

    The advantage of palm oil physical refinery technology_Tech

    The biggest advantage of palm oil physical refinery technology is that in deacidification process, free fatty acid are taken away by high temperature steams in the vacuum deodourization tank instead of neutralization reaction.

  • oil sludge recycling treatment plant - hroilmaker

    Oil Sludge Recycling Treatment Plant - hroilmaker

    The oil sludge pyrolysis plant helps you to separate water and sludge from oil and earn the oil in the sludge usable again. In reality, pyrolysis plants can establish high-quality fuel oil. Beston sludge oil recycling plant is composed of a pyrolysis reactor , hydroseal, oil condenser, oil tank, and de-casting system.

  • oil tank sludge removal method - google patents

    Oil tank sludge removal method - Google Patents

    A method for removing sludge from a petroleum storage tank is based on a two-step approach utilizing solvent extraction to dissolve organic components of the sludge followed by water wash to remove inorganic materials.

  • technical seminars - hroilmaker

    TECHNICAL SEMINARS - hroilmaker

    TECHNICAL SEMINARS. Refining Process Services, Inc. provides technical training seminars in the field of petroleum refining, also called oil refining. The modern petroleum refinery has a series of core process units that create clean gasoline and low sulfur diesel fuel. The first oil refinery unit is crude oil desalting.

  • equipment set for remotely controlled removal of sludge from

    Equipment Set for Remotely Controlled Removal of Sludge from

    Equipment Set for the Remotely-Controlled Removal of Sludge from Oil Tanks The ESOT is a Proven Technology. Firstly deployed in March 2016, ESOT has since been confirmed by satisfied customers and cleaned a large number of oil tanks.

  • complex technology of oil sludge processing | springerlink

    Complex Technology of Oil Sludge Processing | SpringerLink

    Dec 5, 2017 The technology of processing sludge includes electromagnetic feedstock of various technological processes of oil refining, secondary petrochemicals, road- building materials [1]. treatment plants, having the following phase composition : hroilmaker% by weight of .. RF patent 2246525, (2005)Google Scholar.

  • development of novel oil recovery  - semantic scholar


    current technologies and the combination of oil recovery with sludge disposal in order to comply with both One recent US patent reported an approach of Oily sludge was collected from a crude oil tank bottom in an oil refinery plant in western Physicochemical and antimicrobial properties of new rhamnolipids by.

  • recent development in the treatment of oily sludge from petroleum

    Recent development in the treatment of oily sludge from petroleum

    improvement of current technologies and the combination of oil recovery with the sludge generated during the petroleum refining process has .. One recent US patent reported an approach of .. to increase the nutrient availability for plants [120]. DeFilippi (Eds.), Biological Treatment of Hazardous Waste, Wiley, New.

  • technologies for valorisation of waste streams from oil & gas

    Technologies for Valorisation of Waste Streams from Oil & Gas

    May 28, 2019 Majority of the sludge is produced at waste water treatment plants Therefore, sludge produced during refinery processes has gained a lot of attention details trends in the oil and gas industry which are creating a need for new in the innovation ecosystem, maturity of emerging technologies and patent

  • a review of the technological solutions for the treatment of oily

    A review of the technological solutions for the treatment of oily

    In the early days of petroleum refining, the management of oily sludges was . To quantify the sludge generated in industrial plants, the .. doctoral theses, scientific articles, patents, technical reports and In this case, new toxic substances.

  • petroleum sludge treatment and disposal: a review

    Petroleum sludge treatment and disposal: A review

    Oct 1, 2018 The treatment and disposal of petroleum sludge has created a major petroleum wastewater, petroleum effluent treatment plant sludge A petroleum refinery with a production capability of 105,000 drums the use of technologies, (2) oil recovery from the oily sludge, and (3) United States Patent, US.

  • thermal depolymerization - wikipedia

    Thermal depolymerization - Wikipedia

    Thermal depolymerization (TDP) is a depolymerization process using hydrous pyrolysis for the The plant in Rialto, California, was designed to process 683 tons of waste per the production of oil from sewer sludge and municipal refuse by heating the The technology was finally developed for commercial use in 1996 by

  • a review of the technological solutions for the treatment of oily

    A review of the technological solutions for the treatment of oily

    Jul 2, 2012 The activities of the oil industry have several impacts on the Patent no. mobility and plant availability of compost-derived heavy metals in a Crelier, MMM, Dweck, J (2009) Water content of a Brazilian refinery oil sludge its influence on An Analysis of New Treatment Technologies for the California

  • petroleum sludge, its treatment and disposal : a


    Jun 24, 2014 industries accumulate in crude oil tanks, refinery products tanks, liquid hydrocarbons at natural gas processing plants. .. Microwave heating technology for demulsification of sludge- . Chemicals in L. Y. Young, C. E. Caniglia (Eds.), (Wiley-Liss, New York) 27-24 . Biological Degradation, US Patent No.

  • the treatment of refinery heavy oil sludge: petroleum science

    The Treatment of Refinery Heavy Oil Sludge: Petroleum Science

    During the process of crude oil refining, large amounts of oily sludge, which a new technical method for the harmless disposal and utilization of oily sludge.