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National Patent Heavy Oil Purification To Petrol Plant


  • conversion of waste plastic into fuel

    Conversion Of Waste Plastic Into Fuel

    Beston waste plastic to fuel conversion plant adopts the advanced pyrolysis technology, which can be used for recycling plastic into fuel oil and carbon black. In general, our pyrolysis plants can handle these waste plastics, they are PP, PE, PS, ABS, pure white plastic, plastic brand,pure plastic cable ect.

  • waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant - hroilmaker

    Waste Plastic to Fuel Oil Pyrolysis Plant - hroilmaker

    45% Pyrolysis oil (tire oil/plastic oil) 1. Add it into heavy oil generator to produce electricity. 2. Used as heating material. 3. Sell it into oil refining factory to further process it. Ceramic factory, glass factory, electric power factory, steel making factory, boiler factoryetc. 30% Carbon black: 1. Make it into pellet or briquette for

  • hd-petroleum | small refinery, huge potential

    HD-Petroleum | Small Refinery, Huge Potential

    The HD-Petroleum™ Solution. Minimal capital cost and a small geographic operating region maximizes profitability at a fraction of the cost of traditional used oil re-refineries. Regions with a population as small as 400,000 or heavy-equipment industries can support the micro-refinery, creating full-time and spin-off jobs for the local economy.

  • an introduction to petroleum refining and the production of


    PETROLEUM REFINING AND THE PROD UCTION OF ULSG AND ULSD OCTOBER 24, 2011. Page 17. kerosene, usually undergo further treatment and then are blended to jet fuel, diesel and home heating oil. The gas oils go to conversion units, where they are broken down into lighter (gasoline, distillate) streams.

  • used and waste oil and grease for biodiesel – farm energy

    Used and Waste Oil and Grease for Biodiesel – Farm Energy

    A 1998 study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of 30 metropolitan areas found that about 9 pounds of used cooking oil are generated per person per year (Wiltsee, 1998, p. 2). Given a hroilmaker. population of 308 million, this translates into about hroilmaker billion pounds of used cooking oil per year.

  • oil and gas: separation processes in oil and gas extraction

    Oil and gas: Separation processes in oil and gas extraction

    In oil shales, the heavy oil is chemically combined with the rock, and requires a chemical separation process to release the oil, such as pyrolysis or hydrogenation. The separation releases vast quantities of waste solids, perhaps yielding hroilmaker m 3 of oil per tonne of rock processed.

  • petroleum refining - refinery plant and facilities

    Petroleum refining - Refinery plant and facilities

    Refinery plant and facilities Processing configurations. Each petroleum refinery is uniquely configured to process a specific raw material into a desired slate of products. In order to determine which configuration is most economical, engineers and planners survey the local market for petroleum products and assess the available raw materials.

  • how to build a simple fractional distillation process unit

    How to build a simple fractional distillation process unit

    This oil product is a kind of clean fuel oil, which is very similar like diesel. To a great extent that it could be used instead of normal diesel in some heavy engines, diesel burners or generators. Or if can be used as clean fuel oil for industrial heating used in any fuel needed industrial factories, such as cement plant, steel mill, glass

  • hydroprocessing: hydrotreating& hydrocracking

    Hydroprocessing: Hydrotreating& Hydrocracking

    Gas Oil Hydro-treating DAO Isomerate Gas Alkyl Feed Alkylate Polymerization Naphtha Gases Butanes LPG Reformate Naphtha Fuel Oil Bottoms Distillates Distillate Hydro-treating Cat Naphtha Cycle Oils SDA Bottoms Coker Naphtha Heavy Coker Gas Oil Light Coker Gas Oil Sulfur Plant Sulfur Naphtha Fuel Oil Solvent Dewaxing Lube Oil Waxes

  • used motor oil to diesel convert gasoil petrol distillation plant

    used motor oil to diesel convert Gasoil Petrol Distillation Plant

    Used Motor Oil To Diesel Convert Gasoil Petrol Distillation Plant , Find Complete Details about Used Motor Oil To Diesel Convert Gasoil Petrol Distillation Plant,Oil To Diesel Convert,Used Motor Oil To Diesel,Used Oil To Diesel from Machine Oil Purifier Supplier or Manufacturer-Chongqing Junneng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • desulfurization of heavy oil | springerlink

    Desulfurization of heavy oil | SpringerLink

    Mar 1, 2012 Strategies for heavy oil desulfurization were evaluated by reviewing In the vacuum gas oil and vacuum residue, the sulfur is contained mainly in . to remove during a hydrodesulfurization process or by thermal treatment. .. and pilot plant experiments, the performance of even the most efficient of the

  • from heavy to light: accelerating commercialization through open

    From Heavy to Light: Accelerating Commercialization through Open

    Aug 22, 2012 RIPIs main activities were initially to provide the Iranian petroleum industry with . of a 200 bpd pilot plant near the Bandar Abbas refinery in southern Iran. RIPIs first national patent was registered in 1986, and by 2003

  • shale oil & gas: a study on refining - wipo

    Shale Oil & Gas: A study on refining - WIPO

    hroilmaker Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in shale oil and gas . .. Figure 5: Categories of patents based on refining and usage . . gas for domestic use by 2015. 7 . shale oil may be done by distillation, cracking, pyrolysis, chemical treatment or . Shale can be used as a fuel for thermal power plants for generating electricity.

  • united nations statistics division - energy statistics

    United Nations Statistics Division - Energy Statistics

    output of briquetting plants; for crude petroleum and natural gas to production at oil and that is, all goods entering and leaving the national boundary of a country are recorded Patent fuel (hard coal briquettes): Liquid or liquefied hydrocarbons produced in the manufacture, purification and stabilization of natural gas.

  • history of the petroleum industry in canada (oil sands and heavy oil

    History of the petroleum industry in Canada (oil sands and heavy oil

    Canadas oil sands and heavy oil resources are among the worlds great petroleum deposits. According to an entry in the York Factory journal, on that day Cree Indian .. oil, it also began a program to deliver heavy oil to national and export markets. Catalytic purification and hydrocracking are together known as

  • synthetic fuel - wikipedia

    Synthetic fuel - Wikipedia

    Synthetic fuel or synfuel is a liquid fuel, or sometimes gaseous fuel, obtained from syngas, The definition of synthetic fuel also allows oil sands and oil shale as The Bergius process was developed by Friedrich Bergius, yielding a patent in Direct coal conversion plants were also developed in the US after World War II,

  • fuel for thought: clean gasoline and dirty patents - digital

    Fuel for Thought: Clean Gasoline and Dirty Patents - Digital

    Dec 4, 2001 Part of the Intellectual Property Commons, and the Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law Commons. This Article is brought . environmental, energy, regulatory, and national security policy goals, not to gasoline made outside the factory gate. 122 . patent treatment in the Federal Circuit, ever pushing the envelope.

  • biosurfactants: promising molecules for petroleum biotechnology

    Biosurfactants: Promising Molecules for Petroleum Biotechnology

    Oct 31, 2016 The USA produces 870,000 m3 of crude oil on daily basis from 530,000 Roles in processes of petroleum exploration, treatment, transport, and . Several patents have been issued for biosurfactant production from a wide range of .. greater than that achievable with a chemical or plant-derived surfactant.

  • patenting innovation in oil and gas | deloitte us

    Patenting innovation in oil and gas | Deloitte US

    Charting growth: A look at the growth trajectory of oil and gas patent filings . provided the link between earth drilling and other technologies including gas turbine plants, . “Shales” now account for over 40 percent of US crude oil and natural gas Within (c) well treatment and oilfield chemistry patents, the invention focus

  • in-situ molecular manipulation - society of petroleum engineers

    In-Situ Molecular Manipulation - Society of Petroleum Engineers

    As of today, the world mainly relies on fossil fuel as the source of energy for such as algae, Jatropha plant seeds, and grass, could improve the oil yield measured in gal/acre. offers the promise of producing fluids requiring minimal treatment. .. at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado.