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705 Diffusion Pump Fluid R & D Plants


  • silicone diffusion pump fluid rui705

    Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluid RUI705

    2. 705 Super high vacuum diffusion pump oil. 3. 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid. 4. PhenylmethylsiloxaneOligomers. 5. Oil for diffusion pump. CAS No: 3390-61-2. Chemical structure: Diffusion Pump Fluid RUI705 is a colorless transparent oily, single-component fluid designed for ultrahigh vacuum applications in the range of 5x(10-9~10-10) torr (untrapped).

  • diffusion pump fluid 705 =dc 705 | we silicone workers

    Diffusion Pump Fluid 705 =DC 705 | We Silicone workers

    Same as Dow corning Diffusion Pump Oils DC-705, JPHV-5 is a clear, single component, high viscosity pentaphenyl-trimethyl-trisiloxane silicone fluid manufactured specifically for use in diffusion pumps with an ultra-high vacuum range of 10E-10 torr untrapped and 10E-11 torr trapped. INCI: Pentaphenyl Trisiloxane

  • mts 705 diffusion pump fluid - midwest tungsten service, inc.

    MTS 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid - Midwest Tungsten Service, Inc.

    Product name Midwest Tungsten Service 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid hroilmaker. Number 3390-61-2 Company name of supplier Midwest Tungsten Service Address 540 Executive Drive Willowbrook, IL 60627 Telephone (630) 325-1001 Recommended Use Hydraulic fluids and additives SECTION 2: HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION GHS Classification Not a hazardous substance or mixture.

  • mt-705 diffusion pump oil - hroilmaker

    MT-705 Diffusion Pump Oil - hroilmaker

    Replacement for and equivalent to Dow Corning DC-705. Pentaphenyl trimethyl trisiloxane. MT-705 diffusion pump fluid is a colorless to light straw, single component for ultrahigh vacua in the range of 10E-9 to 10E-10 torr untrapped and 10E-11 torr trapped.

  • silicone diffusion pump oil - midwest tungsten service, inc.

    Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil - Midwest Tungsten Service, Inc.

    705 Pump Oil. MT-705 diffusion pump fluid is a colorless to light straw, a single component for ultrahigh vacua in the range of 10E-9 to 10E-10 torr untrapped and 10E-11 torr trapped. The vapor pressure and backstreaming rate of MT-705 Diffusion Pump Fluid are low enough that the use of traps or refrigeration may not be necessary for all

  • dc 705 1 gallon - high vacuum greases and oils - specialty

    DC 705 1 gallon - High Vacuum Greases and Oils - Specialty

    DC-705 is a single component diffusion pump fluid intended for use in applications requiring ultra-high vacuum with minimal back-streaming. DC-705 has the best resistance to radiation and a high spontaneous ignition temperature. Specialty Fluids is now offering a drop-in replacement for DC-705.

  • product name : diffusion pump fluids - dc702/704eu/705


    Synonyms: Silicone 702 Diffusion Pump Fluid, Silicone 704EU Diffusion Pump Fluid, Silicone 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid Item Numbers: DC702: H024-00-007, H024-00-038, H112-03-029

  • dc 705 :: diffusion pump fluid :: fluid - oil :: avt services

    DC 705 :: Diffusion Pump Fluid :: Fluid - Oil :: AVT Services

    Dow Corning® DC 705 Diffusion Pump Oil Silicone based fluid with little to no backstreaming. Extrremely low vapour pressure capabilities for ultra high, ultra clean vacuum.

  • silicone diffusion pump fluids - edwards

    Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluids - Edwards

    Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluids. These synthetic fluids are organo-silicon oxide polymers and have exceptional chemical stability both at high temperature and when in with most gases and vapours.

  • kurt j. lesker company | agilent (varian) diffusion pumps

    Kurt J. Lesker Company | Agilent (Varian) Diffusion Pumps

    Because of its simplicity, high performance and low initial cost, the diffusion pump is the primary industrial high vacuum pumping mechanism. Agilent diffusion pumps offer high pumping speeds, high throughput, high tolerance forepressure, excellent backstreaming characteristics, low ultimate pressure, and long-term reliability.

  • dow corning diffusion pump fluid - dc-702, 704, 705 - inland

    Dow Corning Diffusion Pump Fluid - DC-702, 704, 705 - Inland

    Dow Corning diffusion pump fluid - DC-702, 704, and 705 - are thermally stable, oxidation resistant, and chemically inert silicone vacuum fluids.

  • dow corning(r) 705 diffusion pump fluid


    SAFETY DATA SHEET. DOW CORNING(R) 705 DIFFUSION PUMP. FLUID. Version. hroilmaker. Revision Date: 03/09/2017. SDS Number: 901594-00008. Date of last

  • information about dow corning® 702 diffusion pump fluid dow

    Information About Dow Corning® 702 Diffusion Pump Fluid Dow

    Fluid. Dow Corning® 705. Diffusion Pump. Fluid. Type. Silicone (702 Fluid); single- .. Reservoir. Pressure. Range,. Pressure, Temp., Temp.,. Fluid. Range, ton.

  • dow corning dc 705 silicone pump fluid  - kurt j. lesker company

    Dow Corning DC 705 Silicone Pump Fluid - Kurt J. Lesker Company

    Dow Corning DC 705 Silicone Pump Fluid. The high stability and high spontaneous ignition temperatures of this top-of-the-line diffusion pump fluid make it

  • invoil® 705 diffusion pump fluid - scientific instrument services

    Invoil® 705 diffusion pump fluid - Scientific Instrument Services

    Invoil 705 silicone diffusion pump fluid is a single component fluid designed for ultra high vacuum systems in the 10-7 to 10-9 torr range.

  • silicone diffusion pump oil - ruisil-organosilicone supplier

    Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil - RUISIL-Organosilicone supplier

    Not even a single quality and service complaint about RUI702, RUI704 and RUI705 till now! We sell our diffusion pump oils from 1KG to 3000KG per order.

  • diffusion pump oil rui704-oil for diffusion pump - ruisil

    Diffusion Pump Oil RUI704-oil for diffusion pump - RUISIL

    Diffusion Pump Oil RUI704(CAS No:3982-82-9) is an ideal replacement of Dow Corning 704 diffusion pump oil. Diffusion Pump Oil RUI705-oil for diffusion pump Diffusion Pump Oil RUI702-oil for diffusion pump Refractive Index 25°C.

  • vacuum diffusion pump oils iota705-iota - iota silicone oil

    Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oils IOTA705-Iota - Iota Silicone Oil

    The vapor pressure and Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA705 is a colorless Diffusion Pump Fluid IOTA 705 can be used in variety of applications, R & D plants.

  • page 1 n a s a t e c h n i c a l nasa tm x-68272

    Page 1 N A S A T E C H N I C A L NASA TM X-68272

    R=19730020410 2019-08-09T19:48:01+00:00Z uum close to that of new DC- 705 oil. d. .. DC-705 silicone diffusion pump oil is a discrete phenylmethyl.

  • diffusion pump - wikipedia

    Diffusion pump - Wikipedia

    Diffusion pumps use a high speed jet of vapor to direct gas molecules in the pump throat down Most modern diffusion pumps use silicone oil or polyphenyl ethers as the working fluid. These can be further separated into 704 and 705 oils, which are made up of the isomers of tetraphenyl D. G. Avery and R. Witty ( 1947).